"Adriana Teodoro-Dier is without question, one of Denver’s most talented classical pianists. When I first heard her at Dazzle Jazz two years ago, I immediately recognized a person who had a special ability. So much so that I booked her for a Gershwin concert at Dazzle later that year..After performing two of Gershwin’s popular compositions, the audience gave her a standing ovation, the first I had ever witnessed at Dazzle.  Adriana’s willingness to tackle a variety of music forms is very special and her ambition to excel is especially impressive."

-Frank Nichols, Jazz Producer, 2017


"My mother desired that after she passed away a particular piano composition should be played at her celebration of life.  Her reasons for this were extremely touching.  Adriana touched all of us, too, when she played the piece before the gathered friends and relatives at my mother's celebration.  The entire experience, from engaging Adriana for the performance to her care while playing it, were characterized by the highest professionalism.  She left all of us who attended that evening with a memory we will hold onto very gratefully."

-Ben, Denver CO 2016


"Dr. Teodoro-Dier, demonstrates superb flexibility and sensitivity while eliciting a wide range of colors from her instrument... Teodoro-Dier provides shading and attention to detail that completes the performance."

- The Clarinet Magazine September 2014