SoulPath - Romantic Couple

SoulPath - Romantic Couple


SoulPath art....for any pair of lovers! Please indicate on your order form names and their relationships. I will ask for words regarding the relationship in the written explanation.

1) Couples

2) Any relationship (mother-child, father-child, friends etc)

3) These are available for people who have crossed over as well (ie one living/one crossed over or both crossed over). 

These drawings are visual guides to show us our inner journey, our inner development. How our positive potential is evolving. "Soul Path Art" reveals how a person's choices line up with their inner growth. The strength of using artwork to help you is that images are sometimes more accurate than words. Our inner path governs our relationships: with ourselves, with others, and even our pets. "A picture is worth a thousand words."


It's my deepest desire to help improve the well-being of the world one person at a time, whether human or animal. I receive so much joy from helping people in this integrative way.


I discovered my intuitive ability to connect with people's higher selves/positive potential/soul in  November 2016. I channel this information through artwork, following my intuition from start to finish. I ask for guidance to write words to explain what we're seeing in the drawing.

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