ARTWORK: The Lion roars tonight

Hello and Happy July!

HUGE sale on my artwork this month....many of the pieces are over 50% off, including all giclee prints as well. If you have a moment, please check it out!

It's been a hugely productive month in the studio, I believe I made 11 new pieces....which is probably more than I've made all year. I'd love to share the latest one with you.

Leo the Lion! acrylic on aquabord

Leo the Lion! acrylic on aquabord

This painting is part of a series of zodiac paintings I'm creating. I've completed 5 and now I have 7 to go. This one is Leo (july 20ish-August 20ish). In this painting, we see the nobility, the royalty and the all-around magnificence of someone at the height of their creative powers. The star/flower emerging and it shines its unique and beautiful light outwards. I used iridescent gold paint to give more texture and shine. The star is in full command of the earth and sea...and it responds to this power by giving. Instead of taking, controlling, using this power for its own gain. It is not giving for the sake of receiving (ie it is not conditional giving). It is the sincere desire to share one's gifts without expecting anything back that creates powerful abundance.

I hope this fantastic Leo energy inspires you, energizes you. I've enjoyed sharing it with you.

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