Artwork: Spring Thing

Spring is coming! ! I have tiny plants coming up in my garden and the columbine I had left for dead last fall has miraculously resurrected itself.

I most look forward to the new spring flowers and buds. So bright against the raging thunderous sky, and so affirmative and defiant. They look so delicate and fragile, yet they are secretly tough. (At least the ones that survive the hails and snows).

Spring Thing. Acrylic on Aquabord. 5”x7”

Spring Thing. Acrylic on Aquabord. 5”x7”

I actually started this one upside down, but it looked a lot better this way as I worked through it. New flower buds burst open in a circular cosmic dance, reminding us that everything is part of a connected cycle….and to celebrate as we spring forward to our next phase of growth.

Have a good spring! What does this painting remind you? Love to hear from you!

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