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I absolutely love aquaboard. Stands up so well to my demands for more and more layers of color. Plus, it dries quickly too, which is good for my impatient self. (Haha, painting is supposed to be my zen time…”HURRY UP AND DRY!!!”).

This little piece was so fun and absorbing.

5x5 on aquabord

5x5 on aquabord

Not quite sure what it means, but I believe I was exploring the idea of boundaries….how to properly set them. For those of us that are empathic, energetic boundaries can be difficult to set even between oneself and another person. Everyone has some of this, to some extent. A big crowd of people projects a general mood, which affects those in the crowd: whether it’s celebratory, discontented, angry, joyful.

It takes guts and strength (and love) to stand against the crowd or the emotions of others, even when it’s far easier to fall in sync with the general vibe. What if the general vibe is of discontent, outrage, anger. I am sure all of us have felt marginalized, ignored, disrespected at some point….and it’s very easy to fall in sync with these negative feelings.

But does this do for you…..really? Is it bringing more peace, more health, more joy into your life? Is negativity more important to you than love?

What is to be your energetic legacy? Every type of energy leaves residual footprints on our world. Those who are sensitive can feel the anger that was left behind by a disgruntled employee, or the sadness of someone going through loss. And we can be affected by this without even realizing it.

What will you leave behind for others to walk through?

love to hear your thoughts

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