SoulPath: Earth Goddess

Let’s dive right in! I used only 5 different pigments for this one….

Earth Goddess. 6x6 acrylic on Aquabord

Earth Goddess. 6x6 acrylic on Aquabord

Our green heart-goddess stands in the right-hand corner. She’s moving forward; although she is stationary, she’s poised to move. Her deeply majestic gown swirls around in her. Her healing has been a long time coming….the white light moves through her torso to purify and mend what was unknowingly given away.

We see the colors of the first 5 chakras; the root (red/brown), the sacral (orange), solar plexus (gold), heart (green) and throat (blue). There are higher heights to climb (we’d like to see indigo and purple to complete the rise of the kundalini through all the chakras). However, in order to rise higher and higher, we must have our feet on the ground (ALL those lovely earth tones).

It’s probably good to remember that we’re so much bigger than our bodies. It’s in merging with that Bigger Picture that we become whole again. Maybe that Bigger Picture is a cause, a movement, a reason for doing something, or maybe it’s soul/spirit/source. Or all of the above.

Our soul longs to learn, to grow, to expand to fit that Bigger Picture…..on our terms. Not to fit, cram, and squeeze into the compliant boxes that others may find convenient for us to inhabit.

This painting is a gentle reminder that your life belongs to you. And to no one else.

May this next month be your truest one yet.

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