SoulPath Art: Lovely Libra.....Meter-Maid?

“…Lovely Libra Meter-Maid……lovely Libra Meter-Maid…”

I am of course referring to “Lovely Rita, Meter-Maid” by the Beatles. Having a little fun because the song’s about asking a woman out on a date, and lovely Libras love their relationships. To the point where their whole identity is centered around their significant partnership.

I love Libra’s emphasis on balance, harmony, the importance of social awareness, love, and communication. Here’s my artistic rendition of Libra:

acrylic on aquabord.  original  is available for sale

acrylic on aquabord. original is available for sale

This painting embodies grace, harmony, partnerships. There are “twos” all over…..two red/white pillars on the side, two bird-like figures embracing at the top, and a butterfly-ish mirror in the middle. I used the rainbow colors to depict Libra’s cultural interest….well-developed Libras love to involve themselves in social causes. They are gifted with the ability to embrace all people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, hence the rainbow colors at the bottom. Libra is also an air sign, governed by ideas and thought, shown by face-looking shape which dominates the painting.

The sign Libra invites us to see all sides of an issue. Libras are cherished for the ability to flow naturally and easily with any social situation. They also push us to add a little more romance into our lives, both with our special someone AND in our relationships with ourselves.

Happy Libra season to everyone and especially to those born between Sept 20ish-Oct 20ish!

If you’d like to learn more, come to our Astrology for Meditation workshop on Sunday 10/14/18 at Goddess Isis Bookstore (Englewood CO). Libra is a hot topic for this first one…..we’ll also talk about other signs too. Contact me to find out more!

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