ARTWORK: Connections from unexpected places

Happy October!

this last month I experienced one of those surprising, delightful moments where you connect unexpectedly with someone. This time, it was through artwork.

After completing the paintings of the zodiac cycle, I noticed I avoid pastels. My current focus is now to meet that avoidance head-on and use those colors I want to avoid. I am not sure why I avoid pastels. My natural instincts pull me towards bold, rich colors. I suppose pastels feel “weak” or “vulnerable” to me. (So pastels are probably the direction I need to go).

Here’s one of the first attempts at a new color palette:

Acrylic on Aquabord

Acrylic on Aquabord

Some see hearts in this one, others see fairy wings. To me, it’s a gentle reminder to pause, breathe, and feel completely engulfed in acceptance, self-love, nourishment.

About a week later, a new bright and precocious piano student gave me a picture that she drew….of rainbows and books, hearts, sunshine and smiles. (yes. it is super adorable and currently hanging on my fridge). I was amazed how similar the two painting are!


Even the basic shapes and color placements are similar. The same pink/color scheme, with some hints of green. The rainbows in hers mirror the tree leaves on the top of mine. I didn’t notice until I got home, and could see the two side by side.

It’s been over a year since I read the news, but I pick up bits and pieces from conversations with people saddened by the polarization of our world. This experience with the two paintings was a sweet and gentle reminder that we are more connected to each other than we realize…

Wishing you a kinder, more loving tomorrow. As always, your comments are most welcome!

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