SoulPath Art: The Head and the Heart

Happy September everyone! I wanted to share this little painting with you.

acrylic on aquabord...

acrylic on aquabord...

This painting represents a rebirth, remembering the loving being that you truly are (green and yellow embryonic figure). That being in the heart, regularly nourishing yourself with self-love, allows life to flow without control. That we can delight in the joy that an open heart brings, knowing and trusting that we are also LOVED and all our desires are coming to us.

This painting also explores the idea of heart versus head. A friend shared with me that the heart develops BEFORE the brain in an embryo. What this means is that the heart is older, and I would say, wiser than the head. The body can live without the brain (in cases of spine trauma, brain damage, etc) but the body CANNOT live without the heart. In the painting, the "head" of the embryo IS the color of the heart (green).

When we decide to block our hearts, we cut off our own vitality. We cut off the connection to the divine source, to inspiration, to joy. It is our rite of passage, our test to make a conscious choice to keep our heart the face of pain, in the face of suffering, in the face of abandonment, AND in the face of what makes us happy. Because sometimes the real fear hits us when things go well... and we respond by closing our hearts and backing away. Sabotaging the life we truly want for ourselves.

I feel this path is not easy, yet I derive hope from the painting. When I see all the easy flow, the feeling of safety, and the sense of freedom that emanates from the painting, I feel lighter, more confident, and assured that this is the true way forward.

Whew! A bit of an intense blog this time! Please let me know your thoughts about the artwork or anything I wrote about...your comments are so valuable. 

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