ARTWORK: Greens and Blues this month (and a little frog!)

As we round the golden corner of summer, I've been feeling particularly attracted to greens and blues. Green is usually a healing, loving color; blue is calming and the color of truth. These colors usually make me think of the ocean, the primal source of life, our true birthplace.


Regardless of the time of year, we can all benefit from remembering who and what we love. In a dark moment, I wrote myself a mantra:

"Whatever my heart wants, I will stand behind.

Whatever my heart wants, I will support.

Wherever it leads, I will follow with passion, integrity, and strength.

Because I know the only truth worth knowing is in my heart."

I see elements of this mantra reflected in the painting....the green is supported by the blue, and the two intertwine with just a hint of gold. Gold being what we value, and the riches that flow to us when we follow our hearts.

And to remind us to stay light, my intuition guided me to paint this!


Have a beautiful, loving, inspiring September. I always love to hear from you...please leave a comment below or fill out the form to let me know your thoughts. 

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