SoulPath Art: Learning new Pathways

July was a big month of emotional upheaval and personal discovery. Especially the middle....lots of intense emotions, lots of old demons revisiting us, and a lot of feeling lost, that our sense of purpose was gone. I know I was feeling that way...and a lot of people I talked to seem to share the same experience.

I finally finished the Zodiac Cycle (check out your sign! and maybe read more on this month's Artwork blog), and what followed were two very introspective pieces. I'll share what they mean to me...I'd love to hear if you have another take on them.

5"x7", acrylic on aquabord

5"x7", acrylic on aquabord

This painting is called "Blessings." So much of learning is un-learning. In this painting I explore how we have to rewire our brain as we desire to move forward. As if we undoing our conditioning: our perceptions, our reactions, our beliefs. 

I've always valued the wisdom of head, the knowledge, mental prowess, sharpness. (there is a head in the left hand side. somepeople even see a ponytail). The dark side of the mind is criticism, judgement, anxiety (the darker purple/red areas).

The white shape reaching over the painting has a couple different meanings. On one hand, it reminds me of neural pathways (how they kinda look like termite trails) and it's a reminder that we are constantly reinforcing the ones we have. We do have the power and ability to make new ones....if we are attentive. The white shape is also branches, or roots...signifying that we are reaching heights of new growth.

I have begun to question that mind-wisdom is the highest wisdom.....perhaps intuition is even higher than the mind....

7"x5" acrylic on aquabord

7"x5" acrylic on aquabord

This one is called "Rest and Be Healed". I cried a lot during this one. Here is the emotional reaction to realizing that old beliefs must change...old perceptions don't suit us and yet it's so hard to leave. It's a bit messy (the turbulent strokes in the green), but at the bottom of this turmoil is tranquility. The blue lake. Stillness. And it's in this stillness that we find resolution, healing and the conviction to walk forward in a healthier, stronger way.

As we walk forward together to build a more positive world full of hope, power and inspiration, your comments are even more valued. Have a wonderful month.

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