ARTWORK: Announcing New Collection "Big Art for Small Spaces!"

As we wind down to August, summer still feels like it's in full swing. Gorgeous long days, scintillating storms and plenty of time for chats with friends with the beverage of your choice. (that's what summer is for me :-) 

This last month has been incredibly prolific on the creationing (ahha, a new word). There's been lots of astrological activity in the Teodoro-Dier/Hugo household: James inspired me to complete a cycle of astrological sign paintings.....he was even awesome enough to set my paintings to music. It's to our piano-guitar new zodiac mediation album: check out the FREE playlist on Youtube. Also, another teaching opportunity became solidified: I will be team-teaching a quarterly course in astrology/meditation at Goddess Isis bookstore with Monica Leotta. (Let me know if you'd like more info!)

Even before James suggested to me to complete the cycle, I had been wanting to make smaller and smaller pieces of art. The reasoning is somewhat pragmatic: I was running out of display space for the larger ones. Plus, I was having so much fun working creating little intense delights for the eyes (eye-truffles?).

This new collection is zodiac paintings and also some more introspective works. Check out this months' soulpath blog for more stories.

Love you all! Check out your sign in the new collection! let me know what you think.

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