SoulPath Art: C'mon baby, light my Fire

The happiest July to you!

I've decided to create a series of zodiac paintings (paintings based on astrological signs). This is partially inspired by videos my partner and I have been creating......peaceful piano-guitar zodiac meditations.  

Even if you don't know anything about the Zodiac or astrology, I feel you can connect with this post. I completed the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and noticed an interesting story, about the maturity and development of a soul. The 12 signs of astrology can represent the development of the soul....the story of developing (Aries) and then relinquishing an ego (Pisces).

Aries the Ram

Aries the Ram

I read that Aries is the "infant of the zodiac" (actually, I read that after I did the painting). Aries loves to be the star of the show, demanding attention because they feel they have a lot to offer. The feel is young, fresh, childlike. The yellow/orange shows the innate creativity of a fire sign; they love to create through action. The star sits in the womb, still unaware of the world (Aries often have a childlike innocence or naivete)....yet it is energized and absolutely ready to get out and start making its mark. [I should add, I cleaned out 2 closets after painting certainly got MY fire going].

The next fire sign is Leo. And where Aries is fire out of control (a whirlwind of activity), Leo is the power of controlled and focused, directed action. I love this one:


I didn't plan this, but you can see a clear development from the Aries to the Leo. Now the star/flower figure is out in the world...and it's commanding power. Both the Aries and Leo command attention for their original, fiery, and creative selves....but the Leo thrives on recognition. The energy of this painting is very much directed outward, highlighting the confidence, the brilliance of this sign. In soul-terms, here we see the ego developed from Aries crystallized and complete. But unlike Aries, who often wants to just take, Leo has learned to give.



You might recognize this one from an earlier blogpost, and I've decided it belongs with the fire signs, the next of which is Sagittarius. The symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur (half man, half horse). Horses also symbolize freedom, which is a BIG priority for any Sagittarius. Sagittarians make wise and sensitive teachers.....shown by the big horse guiding the little one. Taking the wisdom gleaned from the crystallization of ego (Aries and Leo) and sharing knowledge of this path with others....Sagittarians often have this burning desire to move the whole of humanity forward, to help all of humanity evolve on a global scale. 

As the soul learned how to give freely of its creativity in Leo, now the soul learns to give of itself to the causes of the world (notice that the big horse has stars in its no longer feels the need to project its ego as in the first two signs). The lesson here is finding the freedom WITHIN the desire to help others become more conscious, more highly evolved. The greatest freedom is in unconditional GIVING others the freedom to accept the wisdom or to disregard it. To believe in the truth of their global message and to be at peace if others don't see it yet. 

My partner told me the other day that Beethoven's (very famous Sagittarius!!!) most celebrated composition during his lifetime was his 1st Symphony. Now we don't think much about the 1st Symphony....but we do see Beethoven as a musical genius, a revolutionary--I would argue that he completely changed the course of Western music. So many were intimidated by his shadow that they pushed themselves to even greater heights (or gave up). Even almost 200 years later his music has a throne, a place in our popular culture.....themes from his 5th, the 9th symphonies....not to mention the rest of his output. Yet what we value now was not valued in his lifetime.

The big horse, with the awareness and royalty of the cosmos (purples and blues), is gently guiding the earthly baby horse (yellows, reds....clay of the earth), with a softness. The horses remind us to freely give help, to give our wisdom, to forward our cause with with no sense of obligation, of expectation. At this point in the progression through the fire signs, we are self-contained in our true nature. We are self-assured enough not to need followers. We have truly learned the joy of simply acting, the joy of simply doing, the joy of simply creating.

That is true freedom.....for everyone.

As always, love your comments and feedback! I enjoy sharing this path with you

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