PIANO: Using what we've got

Hi everyone,

This month's blog is a cross-pollinator. After all, it IS bee season....(hope everyone has bee-friendly plants growing in their yard).  

Most of you know that I'm part of the piano-guitar duo aT/dC. Our original focus was reimaginations of classic rock.....and we keep expanding. Our focus as of late has been meditative music. James has been uber-interested in video as of late, and this project blends short films of nature (from hikes around CO) with meditative words on different zodiac signs. This month I'd like to share the blog post that I wrote for the aT/dC website.....it's about aspiring to make a difference through music. 

And this applies to all you!  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU has the power to change the course of someone's day through making music. Even if you're just playing in your living room and you make yourself feel better. And one person, one day at at time, we begin to rebalance the world.

"Music Meditations on the Zodiac"                      (reprinted from www.atdcmusic.com)

I have been noticing a lot of chaos, unrest, frustration, and anger in the people around me. Many seem maxed out on stress, with short fuses. And whether political or personal situations are causing this, I see it bleeding across all facets of our collective experience.

I feel that healing starts small, that we must first calm and restore ourselves before we can begin to repair so much of what we have collectively lost: patience, optimism, faith, love.

In our small corner of the world, James and I feel most at peace and at ease when making music, especially with each other. We began to dream of ways we could spread some positive energy, good vibes, and love using our music.

I have always loved astrology because it helps me understand and accept others different from me. James and I came up with the concept of creating meditation music for each astrological sign. We’d express the essence of each sign through reflective music and words that would pay tribute to the sign’s positive aspects in an inspirational way. To create a relaxing vibe, we decided to stick to piano and guitar.

James chose chord progressions from rock songs that capture elements of each sign, sometimes with a little tongue-in-cheek humor. For Aries, we used the chords of “C’mon Baby, Light my Fire,” because Aries is a fire sign, and anyone who has talked to an Aries for any amount of time knows that they are especially fiery and passionate. For Pisces, we used “Bridge Over Troubled Water”— Pisces a water sign who embodies empathy, compassion, and true friendship. For Gemini, we used “Something in the Air,” to capture Gemini’s free-thinking, rebellious spirit. (click here for the new Gemini video)

We started to lay down tracks on January 6. After three days of very intense recording, we met a dead-end. We weren’t quite sure of the direction the project should go. The tracks sat there, almost forgotten until…

One day  a few weeks ago, we went out on the most glorious, magical hike up Independence Mountain. It was misty and overcast that morning-a rarity in sunny Colorado. (Or maybe just a rarity for me because I don’t like to get up early. Usually.) Frozen drops of water sparkled and glistened off of brave spring flowers shimmering in the frosty air. The forest teemed with promise. We took our time up the mountain because there was so much wonder around us: even a spider web exquisitely bejeweled with water droplets stopped us breathless in our tracks. 

On a whim, James started taking video, and suddenly all parts came together. Why not combine our zodiac music with videos of nature? We always feel calmer when hiking, so why not bring some of that positive energy into a meditational experience? Here's the result of that realization: a Taurus Meditation video.

These meditation videos, words, and music are one way we feel we can make a difference as musicians. We can’t change the world overnight. However, we CAN create art with the intention to uplift, to restore calm, and to share beautiful moments with you.


The plan is to release a new vid concurrent (or as close to as we can) with the start of a new zodiac sign. Cancer (june 20-July21) is coming up soon. If you'd like to stay in the loop on these, be sure to contact me with the form below. 

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