ARTWORK: Turtle and Bird

Hi everyone,

I've had an awesome 3 days in a row working on some commissions for a couple friends. I loved creating these pieces, working with the intention of creating positive vibes in my friends' space. It feels awesome to know that they're going to a good home.  

I'm going to share the in-process part of the creation for one of the paintings....this one took many unexpected turns and I wasn't sure where it was going.

acrylic on aquabord....I just love this stuff

acrylic on aquabord....I just love this stuff

I had no idea what I was going to paint when I started this. I wish I had documented my first stroke on the was just a circle with an undulating white line. (Mental chatter: "What the heck is that?")  You can see remnants of the white line in that purple sweep that comes down on the left side (i painted the white line purple). And so an hour later, it looked like this:


Almost there.......not quite jumping off the page though. I was having a great time mixing up all those different shades of green and aqua. And then about 15 min later:

2018-05-25 21.08.25.jpg

I love how balanced this one is. No one element over-powers the others and we even see some animal friends: a turtle, a bird, and maybe a baby turtle's head inside the big turtle. 

I believe there are many different ways one could interpret this one. I'm going to take my cue from the animals. In my favorite animal totem book, (Animal Speak by Ted Andrews), a turtle can symbolize longevity, and awakening to opportunities. Birds are trickier....They all have a specific meaning depending on the species, but in general, we look at their knowledge of flight, of breathing, of sight and vision. The sight and vision correlates to looking to the future, seeing a broader perspective (different from one you can see on the ground). So I believe this painting has a universal message of allowing yourself to awaken and open your heart to higher, better opportunities. (I say open your heart because there is SO much green, the color of the heart chakra).

It's been a fun week! I feel so much gratitude for the opportunity to create for others.

I'm always happy to hear about what you see in the paintings and/or your reactions. Feel free to share!

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