SoulPath Art: for a special dog

Happy May Day!

Ever feel out of practice, only to find that things flow actually better than before? (If only piano practice worked like this...) Last month, I received a commission to create a SoulPath for a sweet dog, whom we will call TS. TS is struggling with cancer, and a family member wanted to capture her spirit with a commission. I knew this piece would be special even before I started, and I also felt she was going to want a lot of yellow. I kept seeing the same rich yellow image when I would think about starting the painting.

I could feel the dog's energy as I was doing the painting, and I could sense it guiding me to use specific colors and shapes. The energy was guiding me to mix blues in a way I had never done before. In one instance, I heard the word "cobalt," and I thought, "What the heck, I don't have any cobalt," forgetting that I had just bought Cobalt Teal. I told the energy that I didn't have Cobalt....but I was guided to mix the Cobalt Teal with Phalo blue (never did that before)....and lo and behold, Cobalt!

TS is a dog with a beautiful path that holds messages for all of us.

TS is a dog with a beautiful path that holds messages for all of us.

This particular SoulPath is about walking confidently on your path, in the face of transition or change--signified by the bridge. The yellow path shows strong power, and the orange footsteps show confidence. The dog or a lion-like figure in the bright red at the bottom, also showing that she feels very confident and secure.

This dog has no fear and no regrets. She appreciates the wonderful life she has led, and she is aware of what's happening.

A really beautiful part is the red animal in the right-hand bottom side. TS wanted to communicate to her human family that she loves them very much, and she feels lucky to have received so much love in her time with them. The light red in the bottom right hand side surrounds the bright red--signifying giving and receiving love.

I felt so honored to have been asked to paint this SoulPath. Such a beautiful endeavor, where the family received love from their beloved pet in a very tangible way. And will continue to be reminded of their bond as they look at the picture.

I absolutely love to paint SoulPaths for pets..... If you'd like to commission one for a beloved animal friend, please fill out the form below. (I'll do humans too if you insist :-) ) I am now offering paintings rather than colored pencil provide a higher quality piece for you.

Have a wonderful, joyous, and loving May!

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