ARTwork: the grace of moving forward

The piece for this month is a SoulPath painting for a dog, who is currently struggling with cancer. More detail in this month's SoulPath Art blog post. 

Creativity is a double-edged sword. To balance our ability to make, we also have the ability to resist making. Regardless of our disciplines or tasks, I believe we have all successfully mastered the art of procrastination. My "art of procrastination" decided to manifest as doubt. I had not done a SoulPath artwork for 8 months, and when I received the commission, I was worried I couldn't do it anymore. SoulPath Art requires a complete loss of ego, a complete willingness to let go of any expectations of pleasing the that one becomes a conduit for the information.

I had been doing other activities which supported this type of work, but still felt compelled to listen to my self-doubt. I forced myself to go to the art store for supplies.....a step forward.....and then I found myself cleaning the kitchen, deleting old emails, snacking, suddenly wanting to organize all my music scores, playing with the cat, cleaning the fridge. Anything but go to the art room.

After observing this, I decided at least start the painting. It was a Thursday, and I had all day Friday clear to finish it. I told myself that I would spend just 5 minutes on the painting today and finish the rest tomorrow.

Lo and behold, the painting finished itself in 45 minutes. Once I started, the guidance came through easily, quickly. In fact, it was the easiest one so far.


Feel free to read about the specific meaning in this months' SoulPath blog post.For all of us, this painting expresses the grace of moving forward on our path, with confidence, without fear. Feeling gratitude in the face of change. The  orange footsteps lead up to a  blue gateway, a doorway, signifying the inevitable truth of transition. 

The yellow and orange, if we follow the system of chakras, refer to creativity, confidence, and personal power. Whatever the path, always walk forward with courage.

I recently read a sweet thing about butterflies: that they teach us that all change is good, and that we can choose to move through change peacefully and with ease. Not all transitions have to be hard. I feel this painting has the same message.

I would love to know your thoughts! Please feel free to share.

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