SoulPath Art: We are. Enough.

Hello fellow soul travelers! 

Almost 3 years ago, my spiritual mentor and adviser passed away. On every important life decision I consulted him: where to go to college, where to go to grad school, even to move to Colorado. He helped me with relationships, to see why I was feeling frustrated with a boyfriend, or why a colleague was behaving the way they did. He could read energies and see very deeply into any situation.

I counted on his intuitive and clairvoyant insight sometimes weekly, sometimes daily. 

Needless to say, when he died, I didn't cry, but I did search for a replacement. I remember a month after his death going to a "Meet and Greet" with a psychic and realizing she had nowhere near his gifts. (Not even mentor told me many things a psychic should not try to predict...and she did all of them).

So I decided to turn inward, to look for ways to develop my own intuitive gifts so that I wouldn't need someone on the outside. My intuition has been growing stronger since I've been working on it, but I was still frustrated....because I couldn't seem to reach my mentor's level of insight. I could receive really good and helpful information for my life, but can't see with the same level of depth about others.  

And then I did this painting in early February and.................

acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

............and finally realized that I had been developing my intuitive gifts a little out of fear. Partially out of curiosity, but mostly out of the fear that I couldn't make the right decision without my mentor's level of insight. I was afraid that I wouldn't choose the right relationship, the right job, the right friends, because I didn't have access to his higher knowledge.

This painting helped me to see that I have and am enough. My intuitive gifts (the purple/blue circle) compliment the creative powers and are helping move to higher stages of growth and development (the orange ascending to yellow and green). The bold colors show that these gifts are strong; but not fixed. There is still room to keep moving, to keep increasing my potential.

The painting is calm yet full of energy.....which shows a strength in humility, in being at peace where we are, rather than showboating as someone we're not. Or getting frustrated when we can't seem to be who we think we ought to be.

It's impossible to replace someone. Once they make a mark on your life and on your heart, it's natural to feel empty when they are gone. But we have everything we need, suitable and appropriate for our journey. We can't be anyone else but, flawed, imperfect, but also boundless, whole, joyful. We don't need replacements....every passing is an opportunity to honor and celebrate our own strengths, and express gratitude for what our loved ones taught us.

We are. Enough. 

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