SoulPath: New Year's reading!

Happy New Year! I absolutely love doing tarot readings and am so excited to share this New Year’s reading with you. I asked the cards to give us a spread with some wisdom for the coming year. No previous experience with the tarot is necessary to benefit from this info.

Strength, The Magician, 4 of Wands

Strength, The Magician, 4 of Wands

This year represents a big opportunity for major growth, and a strong presence of all that you feel has been missing or lacking in your world. We have the Magician, representing the latent creative force in all of us, the force that allows us to attract all those good things we want to see in our life.

Rather than focusing in a foundation that is incomplete (4 of Wands), we turn out attention to that which we desire most strongly. In interpreting this spread, I asked for the information that would be most helpful to those who are reading this blog right now. (ie you!)

I feel compelled to ask you if you’re allowing yourself to feel how strong you really are. And to encourage you to look back at 2018 and reflect on all that was accomplished due to your strength, and your strength alone. Strength can manifest as a small kind gesture, a soft touch that brightened someone’s day, a moment where you chose to be there for someone. It is also the strength that builds enterprises, that gives us purpose. It is the strength that walks away from shoes that don’t fit anymore, that stands up for you, that refuses to be relegated to the backseat.

Please take time to celebrate your strength, for it is this strength that will sustain you and give you courage in the coming year… The time for laying the foundation is done. Your true strength has arrived. It is available to you…...and will lead you to know your next heart’s desire.

Wishing you so much peace and joy in 2019!

If you’re curious about how a personalized tarot reading can help you, please get in touch! They are a fun yet powerful tool for all your questions.

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