ARTWORK: new astrology/zodiac commissions!

Happy happy new year!

I am now offering zodiac commissions! These are paintings which celebrate each particular zodiac sign with words, colors specific to the sign and the vibe/energy of each sign.

I had such a good time doing the 5”x5” zodiac cycle last summer. A friend gave me the idea to incorporate words into the artwork. Here is a sample for Pisces.


Pisces is all about colors of the sea (it’s a double fish)…and that dreamy, subconscious desire to merge with greater things than ourselves. A very spiritual, empathetic sign.

I know Christmas is over, but if you ever find yourself stumped for a birthday gift in the coming year, please consider one of these!

As always, love to hear from you! You can always contact me to ask about commissions, or just to say hi! Wishing you a happy, healthy, abundant New Year!

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