SoulPath Art: Replenish and Self-Nurture

Happy December!

The holidays are upon us….the season of cheer, festivities, and Christmas insanity. (You know what I mean). I cracked up the other day walking into Natural Grocers and seeing their line of seasonal teas: for sleeping better (stress), for calming down (anxiety), and for over-indulging in treats (digestion issues). Teas for behaviors that we usually try to avoid…yet we willingly accept as part of the “most wonderful time of the year.”

I started to feel the pull a couple days ago. Running around more than usual and eating less well than usual, my system was starting to shut down. I began feeling worn out and over-stretched. As if I had given all of my energy away. And because I was tired and stressed, I noticed old patterns creeping back.

This painting is a reminder to always self-nurture. To be unafraid to put our well-being first, before loved ones, before work, before commitments, before parties. The blue shades invite you to dive in and be replenished with your healing breath. Giving you the permission to draw into yourself for renewal.

5”x7” acrylic on aquabord.

5”x7” acrylic on aquabord.

Wishing you a healthy holidays, and hoping you find some space for yourself.

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