Artwork: Facing an old phase

Hello and happy November!

I realize this month’s blog is a bit late….I was not going to write one at all because I got so snowed under with music-related work. I made time to paint for 1 day last month (you can see the final result on the SoulPath blog).

But today, I did a painting that I am happy with. The colors are very intense. And I love the sweep of motion through it.

How many faces do you see?

How many faces do you see?

I see a child’s face, but the intensity is more than a child usually shows to us. I see that one half of her/his face is formed, and the other half is either hidden or yet to be. The turquoise eye is the color of healing, and of speaking the truth.

I am not sure exactly what this one means, to be frank. My best guess is that when going through a new phase of our personal growth or learning something new, we must begin again as a child. A new phase, a new face. And sometimes the contours of that new face/phase are not shown to us immediately.

But when growing on our true path, there is no wrong step.

What do you see in the painting? Love to hear from you!

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