SoulPath Art: Leaping towards the new

Autumn is a time of appreciation, of nourishment and self care. Even soul-cleansing, although we sometimes associate Spring more with cleansing than Autumn (“spring cleaning", “spring forward”). I feel both Spring and Autumn are parallels, almost symmetrical seasons. They are magical transition points of the year. Hallmarks of movement, action, wrapping up loose ends, of change.

I usually associate rabbits with Spring, especially with Easter. However, this Autumn I’ve been seeing so many around the city (usually eating or being adorable with their hopping) and the rabbit energy seems to have woven its way into my subconscious.

Do you see the hidden rabbit? It’s yellow

Do you see the hidden rabbit? It’s yellow

In Autumn we appreciate harvest from the earth, giving thanks for what nourishment and sustenance we have manifested. How lovely to extend this appreciation to all aspect of our soul-growth. Desires, wishes, and plans we’ve made throughout the year….many of which have taken root and are beginning to grow little by little.

In the course of this sacred introspection, Rabbits give us permission and energy to leap over what’s been holding us back (the rabbit in the painting is poised to leap towards the higher chakra colors, blue and purple). We may realize that we desire to be farther along than we are. And while everything is unfolding in divine time, the spirit of a rabbit, who never sits still for long, invites us to lighten up (yellow rabbit in the painting). To let go of any old beliefs, habits, thoughts that are working against our true desire to grow into our magnificence….because

We CAN receive what we truly desire….IF we so desire.

Wishing you the most peaceful, journey inwards. Your comments and thoughts are always so valuable and appreciated.

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