SoulPath Art: Welcoming Abundance

Hello fellow travelers!

I feel that we have been called to re-examine what's really important to us this year. Whether you call your path a spiritual journey or not, we've been called to reaffirm what's really important to us. Are we pointing our energetic focus in the in the direction of our true desires? Or do we spend more time thinking/breathing/saying "lack?" (Not enough justice, not enough money, not enough time....and so on).

I did the following painting fairly early in the month. The meaning wasn't clear at first, but it finally crystallized. 

A little gem! acrylic on aquabord

A little gem! acrylic on aquabord

In numerology, 8 is the number of wealth, of accumulation, of abundance. My tendency (and maybe yours too?) is to stampede full-force towards what I want. Being very aggressive and grabbing. Or sometime I never even get started because I don't believe I deserve what I want.  

This image teaches me that there is power in quiet respect, silently treasuring and honoring our desires. That every desire needs incubation time to get it defined just right. The yellow on the bottom of the 8 suggests the womb to me...I can even see a fuzzy little embryo. Every desire needs to reflect our grounded truth (red on the bottom of the 8 is grounding, and the blue softens the passionate crimson). 

The image also shows the "proper" balance of masculine and feminine. The strong masculine red (think Mars, or Aries) surrounds the womb without overwhelming it. Anything in the incubation stage is delicate, and requires protection. When we're forming our new desires, it's important to respect and give them space at first. Not to let ourselves shut them down.

(And here's the part I really love)....When our desire is formed, when it is stronger because we've given it protection and nourishment through emotional attention, it begins to send out a vibration of love (the pink!). Because when we do what we love, when we believe we deserve what we desire, we are at the pinnacle of our attractive power.

And what happens?!!! In the painting, behind all the pink is our little yellow embryonic desire. But now it's out of the womb, it has clear definition, and it's starting to have a place in the world--it is strong and healthy. Our desire has a place in the world. 

We've taken the time to give birth to what we want, treasuring our desires for the heart-song that they are. Our journey ends in the star-shaped spider web.....whatever we have sung for is coming to us, has manifested from a higher place. The stars are light in dark places, but they're also the height of our collective desires. We've been fascinated with the beauty, brightness, and wisdom of the stars as long as we've been telling stories.

We used to navigate through oceans using the stars as our guides. Even without the connection to the earth, even without the security of the ground, we've journeyed according to where the stars guide us. It's our birthright to rise up to meet them through our desires....they will not lead us astray.

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