SoulPath Art: Be Your Own Reflection

Are you weighed down with the heaviness of expectations from others, or are you filled with the lightness of your self?

I was asked to draw an intuitive drawing of a situation involving family dynamics. This drawing is the story of a little girl who is constantly put between her parents who are divorced.

In this drawing we see a child facing the moon and a funny little mushroomy figure. Her upright posture and dark blue around the head suggest being hyper-observant since she was in the womb (the light blue circle). 

She watches the adults around her, and knows what they need to feel happy. And so she chooses to reflect what they want, to become the roles that they require. The adults in her life confide in her as if she were an adult, tell her things that are beyond her concerns as a child. Just as the moon reflects the sun's light, she is not radiating her true desires. This creates a heaviness/weightedness in her body. Even though the head is upright, the body appears doughy and inert. This little girl has been having trouble sleeping...which is why the moon is so bright in the drawing. Her night-times keep her too awake. (I suggest this is another explanation for her body's heaviness....without proper sleep, cells can't regenerate and our body can retain water).

None of this is done with the intention to hurt her, but the reality is that the adults' selfish desires are affecting her development. If she ever chooses to break out of her "womb" and STOP being a reflection for others, STOP pleasing others, this will be a positive step forward. She will be able to access her true wisdom which comes from her gift of observation (the purple and blue in the mushroom---purple is her favorite color). The mushroom represents her authentic self, outside of the reflection.

The social environment of her family has caused her to people-please at the expense of her growth. Look how small the mushroomy figure, how small the "authentic self."  With the conflicting limitations from her parents and others dictating how she should act, how will she learn to value her own wishes, desires, and self?

If you're a parent, please remember that your kids are on their own path. They're not here for your emotional needs. Just like you, they are here to fulfill their life purpose on their own terms.