SoulPath Art: What IS SoulPath Art?

Hello blog readers! It occurred to me that I never actually explained SoulPath Art to you. So I decided to make a short video. 

SoulPath Art shows the accomplishments of a soul in this life-time...if the person stays on their current path.
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In the winter of 2015 I had something of a spiritual wake-up call. I had reached the point where my body didn’t want to keep going. I was beyond exhausted; emotionally, mentally, physically. I’ve always loved and prized my independence, but addiction to stress compounded by an impossible work schedule caused adrenal burnout.

Up to that point, I had been decidedly un-metaphysical. Skeptical, in fact. Anything talking about energy or abundance or vibration turned me off. However, that winter I had three separate sources suggest that I had untapped intuitive and psychic gifts.

I was curious and decided to develop them as far as I could. I began meditating regularly and working to clear out and resolve my negative behavior patterns.

With my energy beginning to gain lightness rather than density, I could connect more strongly to my guides and intuition. One day I was inspired to draw a friend's InnerPath, just to see if I could do it. There were so many symbols in the drawing that were meaningful to my friend...and I had no previous knowledge of their significance to her.

In order to draw SoulPaths, I had to learn how to trust my intuition and the information I was receiving. This process has helped me become a more sensitive teacher, musician, person. I love seeing the metaphysical be practical. I feel that if the metaphysical concept/principle/message is not specific enough to catalyze grounded action, it's not worth listening to. This is why I love InnerPath Art.....because each drawing features a timely relevant, personal message. No matter where you are on your journey.