ARTwork: Raven Gift

I used to be completely anti-meditation....I was too impatient and could never make it part of my routine. When I started making a conscious choice to stay away from old emotional patterns, meditation became VERY important, starting from this incident which changed my life. 

I had an out-of-body experience during one of my meditations and felt I was in the presence of something higher. I saw figures wearing black raven cloaks. I saw a visual representation of the unconditional love that powers the universe. I was really disoriented when I came back into my body, but I know I was pushed to draw this.

Raven Gift

One of my favorite childhood stories was a Native American story about why the Raven is black. The story goes that the vain and proud Raven used to have beautiful rainbow-colored feathers, which he loved. Once a drought came and people wanted to take a message to the gods asking for rain. Raven was the only one who could fly high enough and he gladly volunteered for the job. However, the height of his path brought him too close to the sun. Raven delivered the message to save the people, but in the process his beautiful feathers scorched and burned.

(and this is my embellishment)...But Raven didn't need the rainbow feathers anymore, because his inner beauty shone forth with his act of selfless love. He was willing to give up his ego, the vanity, the external beauty, to let the inner self come out. And in the end, he saves himself and his people. What truly matters is the inside: our inner world, our inner intent, our inner accomplishment that matters. 

I hope that the story and image are inspirational. Feel free to contact me with thoughts or questions. This piece is available for prints and greeting cards, click to see options.