ARTwork: Spiral Layers- story behind the drawing

Sometimes artwork helps me release and resolve emotional habits.  Usually artwork brings me to a calm state where I can receive helpful insights related to my biggest questions.

When I decided to walk a certain route and others in my life couldn’t accept this, I felt a lot of conflict. Conflict between doing what was right for me now and my old relationship roles. I felt strongly that distance would be healthy for me; but I could also feel the heaviness of anger from those I was leaving. I was looking for a way to let go.

I drew one spiral and it grew into another. I didn’t plan the colors; just followed what “felt right.” The drawing took 7 hours to finish.

I felt a lot lighter after doing this piece. I remembered that spirals are connected with the partridge or grouse. The partridge symbolizes the spiral dance, of being connected to the rhythm of life. Letting go is all a part of this.

We can all dance to our own songs, flowing in and out of each others’ lives, touching without interfering, in our various stages of transformation. I hope this helps you on your own journey.

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Spiral layers