SoulPath Art: a traveler's journey

A friend lost her son in a tragic accident some years ago. He was in his 20's. I never met him and she really never spoke about him to me. When I first discovered my gift to create SoulPath Art, I wanted to understand how my gift worked...and practiced on as many people as I could.

One day I felt drawn to draw her son's SoulPath, using colored pencil on recycled fiber paper.


These are some of the words I received while drawing: 

The orange spiral represents his easy and joyful personality on earth. The spiral flows down to a circle to represent his crossing to the other side. There his energy shoots out into a bright, global projection that looks like a flag. This picture shows that his work is ongoing....that his soul's work did not just end when he left this plane.

I shared this with my friend. Unbeknownst to me, she had written a poem shortly after he died. 

...Gone too soon, our flesh cries out,
But god knew what it was all about.
He needed your light to guide the way
Of other young travelers bound for Heaven today.
— The Long Road, by Deb Butler

There are some interesting connections between the SoulPath drawing and the poem. The flag in the drawing references the "travelers" in the poem. The flag is without country (ie it's not associated with any country on Earth); this refers to the idea of "...other young travelers bound for Heaven today." The drawing shows a BIG swatch of light shooting out, echoing the words "he needed your light." This picture brought even more unexpected peace and comfort to my friend.

Loss is only an earthly idea and in a sense is temporary. Our bonds and connections, the only things that really matter, survive past death.

If you are seeking to connect with a loved one on the other side, SoulPath Art can help.