SoulPath Art: Heart Whispers

Hello beautiful souls!

Much of my experiences in 2017 were to learn about about the power and nature of heart energy. I learned very early in childhood to ignore my heart whispers in favor of analysis, rationale, criticism. I learned to close my heart. Though I looked like I was on a linear, driven path of success, I constantly felt confused without a reliable internal guidance. I never knew what I truly wanted and I relied very heavily on external validation.

Throughout 2017, I worked the whole year on trying to understand why a closed heart was not beneficial.....working to undo my conditioning. In the summer, I found myself making this drawing.

"Grounding into the Heart"

"Grounding into the Heart"

This picture shows that the spiritual self is grounded, rooted in the heart chakra. This drawing shows that when the heart chakra opens, a second spiritual chakra system grows upwards from it. In other words, we grow towards the divine through the heart....but the two remain separate.

Fast-forward to December 2017. I very quickly did this painting....and COMPLETELY missed the meaning of it until the next day.

Watercolor on aquabord

Watercolor on aquabord

At first I believed this painting was saying "the doorway to the divine is through the heart." Green is the color of the heart chakra and purple is the color of the crown chakra, through which we connect to the divine energy, or source or God(dess) (whatever name you prefer).

HOWEVER. What it is actually saying is "The Heart IS the Divine." There is no intermediary. The door is a false concept---that is why the feathers over the door look contrived and awkward. 

The divine purple is already present in the intuitive dark blue....and yet I chose present a small, parceled out, controlled amount of the divine. When in fact, the divine is boundless. To label the heart a gateway is limiting.

I was so excited by this discovery! Because it goes beyond faiths, beyond names, beyond what I like to call the Spiritual Branding Business (ie inspirational sayings, meditation and health-food junkies, gurus). There's no need to judge others, to sort out the authentic from the inauthentic. It is just a simple message......that whenever someone does what their heart wants, that action is sacred. Not just the "holy" are capable of sacred action.

I hope that 2018 is a beautiful year filled with all that your heart desires. And that you continue to delight in listening to the whispers of your heart.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, feelings, and comments!

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