ARTwork: the freedom of balancing 50s

Happy New Year! Looking forward to an energetic and eventful year.

Just in time to ring in the new, I finished a painting yesterday. It ended very differently than what I thought it was going to be. (As far as what the meaning is). Here's an early stage:

Acrylic on aquabord.....i love the accidental tree on the left

Acrylic on aquabord.....i love the accidental tree on the left

I see two pale green and one purple. I thought it was about using higher energies teaching the heart how to derive nourishment from truth. (I'm going with the chakra color meanings here). Purple/Dark Blue is the divine connection and is associated with the heart chakra. The "truth" in this circumstance is that we have freedom in every single circumstance.....even the ones we don't enjoy. We can either leave, or change our attitude. (Or decide that "this time is the last time.")

I thought the paleness of the green was to indicate that my heart hadn't fully embraced this idea yet. The green horse also looks tentative to me.

A few hours later, the painting looked like this, after that little voice in my head said it was finished.


I think the two horses are part of the same horse. The blue one is earthier, bound by the physical body. Yes, I know his head is blue but the rest of the colors are more horsey. The purple one is our non-physical part, the soul, the spirit, our higher energy,---whatever you want to call it. I believe the non-physical part is acting in service of the physical.....that the spirit horse is teaching, is giving, to the earth horse.

This represents the proper balance of our energies, that our energy is balanced equally between taking care of ourselves and serving others. 50% goes to self-case, 50% goes to others. 

I know my default is closer to 40/60 (or if I over-compensate, 80/20). This painting inspires me to go for the 50/50. Because that is where our deeply desired freedom can co-exist with the higher intent of serving others.

I hope you've enjoyed reading! Would love to hear your thoughts. Heartfelt blessings on your new Year!

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