ARTwork: Coming Home

The autumn had been a BIG fall....and I mean that in multiple senses of the word "Fall." I had been so disciplined in the summer drawing or painting EVERY SINGLE DAY, for at least 30 minutes. My headspace stayed clear and the rest of me stayed grounded.

But....then I fell off the wagon. The university season started and there were big changes in my personal life. I put work and everything else in front of my art-creating space. Worst,  I allowed comments from one negative person to contaminate my view of myself as an artist. I allowed myself to think I wasn't really that good, had nothing to say. Besides, I was out of canvases.

Thank goodness I had a dream in late November. In my dream, another artist was encouraging me to create, to make 1000 pieces of art every week, and to have the goal of having my work in galleries. 

I was motivated again to paint...and it turns out I DID have canvases in my art room. I had just forgotten about them. I know that I have a lot of practice to do, a lot of skills to develop, but I have learned (hopefully for the last time) that neglecting art makes me ungrounded. I can't be my whole self for anyone if I neglect my soul's urging.

Here is one of the paintings I did following the dream.

Acrylic on new favorite medium!

Acrylic on new favorite medium!

The purple tree calls down inner wisdom, from intuition, into the earthly space where we live. All the colors flow and meld together to welcome you into the space, allowing you to become lost in a familiar yet distant world. A moment of calm, of balance, of appreciating duality. 

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