SoulPath Art: Mitch

Mitch was my first spiritual teacher and mentor, although I did not realize it while he was alive. He passed away about 2 years ago. His life's work was to help others get to a better place. And it is out of this spirit that I share his SoulPath drawing with you, which Mitch's widow commissioned.

2017-03-16 12.57.40.jpg

Mitch had very high clairvoyant abilities, the gift to see deeply into a person's psyche and to understand their motivations and intentions. In this drawing, we see the big strong eye surrounded by green, the color of love and of healing. 

His journey was about developing the love necessary to see into the heart of things. Mitch was a powerful man (you can almost feel the power emanating through the drawing), and he knew that he could easily abuse his power. His gifts were so great that he could see people's weaknesses and knew exactly how they could be manipulated.

However, through his spiritual work, Mitch learned to embrace and accept people in stages of development. Early on, I watched him deliver judgements on people with a sharpness (we called it "The Hammer")......yet by the end, he showed only compassion and empathy. In the drawing, the "arms" sweep around the eye to embrace and keep embracing.

Mitch used his gifts to help many people understand their painful circumstances, and communicated how to get out of them. As he grew in empathy, so did his clairvoyant abilities...and he was able to show people more options and choices. This drawing reflects that love and truth are tightly bound; that the truth delivered without love cannot heal, cannot connect. Mitch's SoulPath reminds us that only with an open heart that we can deeply see the truth.