ARTwork: Facing Transformation

The weather is finally turning colder, but I wanted to reminisce about earlier this fall. Denver got to witness the passage of the Painted Ladies, the beautiful orange/yellow butterflies who look like but are not monarchs. These beautiful friends graced our day with shimmering air almost visibly shakes from the fluttering of iridescent wings.

Going back even father, I noticed a pattern in my artwork. All summer long in almost every drawing, a butterfly wing materialized. I interpreted this as "transformation is coming...." 

Becoming whole is a beautiful process....I hope you are enjoying your journey.

Becoming whole is a beautiful process....I hope you are enjoying your journey.

This piece is about individual transformation (the butterfly wings and the heart of the tree). When we transform, we are part of something larger--the red lines outline the shape of a larger tree, or column of 1 (ie "oneness"). When we transform, we change not only ourselves, but our environment. And likewise, our environment can transform us. (the mountains, the suns, the moons).

While my subconscious was bringing my attention to butterfly transformation during the summer, I've been doubly delighted to see the physical butterflies dancing in the fall. As if the inner and outer worlds are linking up.  

I believe there's a bigger message out there for all of us. That our world is transforming and changing. Even though our world seems like it's in the ugly caterpillar stage, we're gathering strength to change. I keep seeing people responding to our national and global traumas with courage, with empathy, with concern. Perhaps the Painted Ladies were also asking us to look forward to the integration of the whole, our whole country, our whole selves.

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